North Devon Seafood Festival

With summer arriving on our door step it will soon be time to introduce some of the more diverse species of fish onto the menu.Weaver fish has been on the menu on and off for the last month or so due to small catches coming in from the Brixham market.
The restaurant will try and introduce as many different species of fish from around our waters with an emphasis on some which are more prone to be overlooked.The reason behind this is to protect not only some of the more over fished species but to try and boost our fish markets and fishing industry.
You may or may not be aware of what is likely to come into place in the next few years with respect of the discard ban.The trawlers currently select species of fish to bring home to cover the ever increasing costs of maintaining their boats and crews. With limited space available for the more valuable species of fish if they have to land the lesser known and less valuable species this will without a doubt reduce as it stands the revenues which allows them to continue trading.Not only would they have to land these fish but they would also as i’m led to believe have to pay to dispose of the fish which have no current market value, thus increasing their losses in monetary terms.

What we propose to do is introduce you to some of these low cost species of fish when they arrive onto the market and show you that these overlooked species are indeed as tasty as many of our more well known fish.This in turn will hopefully self generate a market for which the fishermen and women of our waters can generate a living from and allow them to carry on trading and carry on supplying us all.
These small independent boats are part of the life blood of our coast and without them leads to the larger companies taking over and changing what we currently love. There isn’t a fisherman out there that wants to dispose of fish.The fish need to come to market and for us to buy them.There is always a value to everything, sometimes you just need to be introduced to something before you realise that it’s priceless.